How It Works

Leading Gold Coast Provider of Low Interest Loans


AutoPawn is a specialist at providing low interest loans against your assets. It is a method of using the value of your assets, such as a car, ute, motorbike, boat, truck, campervan, jet ski, land, property and more, to lend you money without checking your credit.

We are the only company in Queensland that operates as a professional pawnbroker, providing funding and loans while letting you keep and drive the vehicle while you repay the amount owed.

Simple, Fast and Secure

Getting an AutoPawn low interest loan is simple, fast and secure. You come to our offices at 35 Upton St Bundall with your asset and drive away with the money. You just need to own your car outright. No finance, no liens.

We lend on:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Utes
  • Trucks
  • Caravans and more!

Once we set up your loan you can continue drive your car as normal and pay your loan back over a set period.

We keep a copy of your vehicle registration certificate, and a spare car key for the duration of the pawn. We also register our security interest in your vehicle via the Personal Property Securities Register [PPSR].

No Hidden Costs or Fees

Everything you need to know is documented on our agreement, so you will not have any surprises about your loan. We are very open and transparent and believe in looking after our customers. Everything you need to know about your loan, including all fees and charges, are clearly stipulated in the contract.

Once you’ve paid your loan, you will receive back your vehicle registration certificate, your spare key and the security interest from the PPSR will be removed.

We Pawn All Makes and Models

We pawn all makes, including luxury vehicles, classic, sports, SUVs, utes, caravans, motor homes, trucks and more

caravanWe loan on all vehicles with a value that is a minimum of $10,000.

So pawn your car, get the money and most importantly, continue driving!

You can also use your boat, watercraft, land, property and release the equity in them to arrange an instant AutoPawn Loan.

Motorbikes? No problem! Bring in your Ducati, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and others, same process.

Contact AutoPawn Today

You can get your AutoPawn low interest loans by giving us a call now on 0479 084 990, using the contact form on our website or by coming and visiting us at our office, at 35 Upton Street, Bundall, Gold Coast.

If you still have questions, consult our FAQs or give us a call and get your cash today. Just contact AutoPawn!